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Baggage Handling Systems
We provide you with a safe, convenient, and reliable airport luggage handling solution, providing passengers with a privileged experience.
Efficient and secure sorting and transmission
High reliability, durability, and easy maintenance
Obtain optimal cost benefit
Safe and efficient sorting and transmission of luggage, enhancing the passenger experience.
Safe and efficient sorting and transmission of luggage, enhancing the passenger experience.
Passenger check-in system
Used to achieve the weighing and check-in of passengers' luggage, through static weighing and automatic transmission of luggage, to achieve the collection and transportation of luggage at multiple check-in counters (irregular luggage is transported on pallets; oversized luggage is provided with separate channels).
Checked baggage security system
Identify suspicious items through automatic baggage screening and ensure that compliant luggage is transported normally; Suspicious luggage is transported to the luggage opening area and inspected by security personnel; After checking compliance, the luggage will be automatically transported and collected to the next stage.
Automatic recognition system
Automatically identify luggage barcodes through identification devices such as hexahedral scanning and RFID, and transmit them to the next step through automated equipment.
Automatic sorting system
Multiple types of automatic sorting equipment, including baggage departure carousels, low-speed baggage sorting (double swing arm/push rod type, etc.), and medium and high-speed baggage sorting (tray/cross belt type); ICS or DCV is used for long-distance high-speed transportation and sorting; Inbound baggage transportation and carousel.
Early baggage storage system (optional)
Selectively configure an early baggage storage system based on airport requirements to achieve temporary storage of early baggage. After the flight arrives, early baggage is automatically transported to the sorting system.
Passenger check-in system
Checked baggage security system
Automatic recognition system
Automatic sorting system
Early baggage storage system (optional)
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airport passenger operation baggage handling system.
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