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Asia's First Professional Cargo Hub Airport Is Powered by China Post Technology | Cargos Move Faster in Huahu
Posted in.:2023 - 11 - 10

As the integrator of SF transshipment center system of Ezhou Huahu Airport, China Post Technology uses advanced design concepts to efficiently connect express loading and unloading, inspection, sorting and other links. The total equipment of the transfer center is more than 23,000 units, and the length of the sorting and conveying line is about 52km. The planned capacity of the first phase is 280,000 pieces/hour, and the planned capacity of the long-term is 1.16 million pieces/hour. Help Ezhou Huahu Airport with its "super capacity" to become an unprecedented scale and industry-leading automated air cargo hub in Asia.

Let's follow Hubei Daily to the scene


 An Etihad Airways Boeing 777-200 all-freighter (top left) prepares to land at Huahu Airport early on Aug 18.


 Rows of forklifts are operating, and the sorting line with a total length of 52 kilometers above the forklift is running at high speed, at 2 am on October 24.

640 (2).png

 Huahu Airport air traffic controllers are busy in the tower at 5:30 a.m. on October 25.

640 (3).png

On the tarmac of Huahu Airport, more than 40 cargo planes were arranged in turn, and the trailers transporting goods were shuttled in an orderly manner, at 4 am on October 21.

640 (4).png

Hubei hairy crabs and other goods passed the sorting line and will be taken out of the province by SF Express cargo plane in the early morning of October 18.

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▲ Huahu Airport apron is busy, the staff orderly loading and unloading, transfer goods at 3 am on October 21.

640 (6).png

An aerial photo of the Huahu Airport Transfer Center, Asia's largest express sorting center with an area of 750,000 square meters, was taken in the early hours of September 21.

In the early morning of October 25, when Jingchu fell asleep, Ezhou Huahu Airport opened the "Night Port" mode in the roar of the engine.

"SF 7077, can land..." At 1:10, the instruction was issued from the 89-meter-high air traffic control tower. After landing, a cargo plane from Xian glided slowly and stopped smoothly on the apron. The "group drop and group rise" between the open space has since opened the curtain. At midnight, an aircraft like a star through the clouds, under the command of controllers from the east and west runway landing into the port.

30° North, 115° East. This is the reference point coordinates of Ezhou Huahu Airport on the earth, and it is also the category of China's economic geography center. Being in it, you can really feel the pulsation of China's aviation logistics.

On the tarmac, aircraft are lined up like a guard of honor, and trailers carrying goods are constantly shuttling between the tarmac and the transit center. "There are 86 takeoffs and landings in the early hours of the morning every day, with an average of one aircraft taking off or landing every two minutes." SF Air dispatcher Li Shijie said.

The transfer center is the most significant landmark of Huahu Airport, and also its unique feature as the only air cargo hub in China, so Huahu Airport is known as the "air outlet to the sea" in China's inland.

"It's especially busy late at night, with thousands of people working in sync." Wang Taige, head of public affairs at Ezhou Hub of SF Express Group, introduced that cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and AI have been fully applied here, and the sorting and clearance efficiency ranks among the world's leading levels.

"This is China speed!" A plate weighing up to 1,045 kilograms is delivered to the sorting line in less than two minutes. The light is as bright as day, and the transfer center is equivalent to 77 standard football fields in a huge space, with a total length of 52 kilometers of sorting lines running at high speed, and can sort 280,000 pieces of goods per hour, an average of 4,600 pieces per minute.

"Boom! At 3:40, at the dawn light, a full cargo plane flew to its destination. At about 5:45, more than 40 all-cargo aircraft left the port one after another.

Huahu Airport was completed and put into operation in July 2022. So far, 44 domestic cargo routes and 10 international cargo routes have been opened, initially achieving an air cargo network covering Asia and extending Europe and the United States.

With the opening of the "Goods to Huahu Quickly", China's inland "air outlet to the sea" release super capacity into the progress. By the end of October, the annual cargo throughput of Huahu Airport exceeded 120,000 tons.

Source: Hubei Daily