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International Cargo Terminal Lauched, and CPT's Contribution in Ezhou Huahu Airport's Upgarde.
Posted in.:2023 - 03 - 24

On March 20th, the SF International Cargo Terminal at Huahu Airport in Ezhou was officially opened, and the first batch of goods were exported smoothly. After being locked by Ezhou Customs under Wuhan Customs Office, a customs supervised vehicle loaded with goods left SF International Cargo Station of Huahu Airport in Ezhou and was automatically released to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport through bayonet by lifting rods, which will be transported to Belgium by international flights departing on the same day.


This is the first batch of goods exported after the official opening of the SF International Cargo Station at Ezhou Huahu Airport. The goods are transferred to Tianhe Airport after completing a series of procedures such as cargo collection, loading, customs clearance and release at Ezhou Huahu Airport.

As the integrator of SF Express transit center system of Huahu Airport in Ezhou, China Post Technology provides the integrated scheme design and system integration implementation of air cargo process equipment processing system, customs inspection system and customs video operation system according to the requirements of customs supervision and operation and the needs of customers' business development with advanced design concepts. We will work together to build a world-class air cargo hub.


The successful export of the first batch of goods not only marks that SF International Cargo Terminal has fully equipped with import and export cargo processing capacity, but also laying a foundation for the opening of the next international cargo route. At the same time, it also opens up the logistics channel between Ezhou Huahu Airport and Wuhan Tianhe Airport. The "dual hub" mode of "shared routes, shared flight moments and shared regulatory resources" has been realized between the two airports.

It is reported that in early April, Ezhou Huahu Airport will open the first international air route between Ezhou and Liege, Belgium, and realize the upgrade from "Ezhou Huahu Airport" to "Ezhou Huahu International Airport".

Sources: Ezhou Financial Media, Ezhou Huahu Airport, Hubei Daily