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Letter Flats All-in-one Sorter
A full-featured sorting system that sorts flats (including plastic seals) and letters, with a wide range of sorting and fast speeds. Applicable to parcel processing centersLetter Flats All-in-one Sorter, which mean the letter and flat high-speed sorter, integrates the domestic advanced letter sorting technology, flat piece sorting technology and Chinese character recognition technology, is a full-function sorting system that can sort letters and flat pieces (including plastic seals). The product has a number of patents, is a domestic original, international leading.
Product Important Indicators and Functions
Support OCR sorting, sorting by site, online video coding code printing, mail caching, V-ID, landing stamp printing and code online complement.
Single level
Processing efficiency:
plastic seals:15000p/h
Parcel weight:
Parcel size:
Three indicators
Processing efficiency(letters):
Processing efficiency(letters):40000p/h;
Processing efficiency(flats):18000p/h;
Processing efficiency(plastic seals):15000p/h
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Single level
Three indicators
Application Scenario
Wide sorting range, fast speed, suitable for mail processing centers.