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Automatic Parcel Singulator
Use belt conveyor, alignment rollers, chutes and other components to align, separate, and intelligently queue parcel, which can integrate parcel from a stacked state into a single-piece queue state, and solve the stacking problem of goods and packages. Automatically, quickly and accurately horizontally and vertically separate stacked goods and packages, and cooperate with sorter induction unit and sorter to realize automatic transmission and sorting of parcel.
Product Important Indicators and Functions
Product indicators for different models
6500pc/hour(small package);6000pc/hour(big package)
Weight range:
0.05-8kg(small package);0.3-50kg(big package)
Size range:
length :120-465mm,width :120-380mm,height 1-250mm(Small package)
length :150-1000mm,width :150-700mm,height 25-700mm(Big package)
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Product indicators for different models
Application Scenario