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Automatic Identification System for Email Types
The automatic recognition system for email types is equipped with a high-precision, wide field of view, and super deep field 3D camera to obtain email images. It uses a combination of 2D+3D multi-layer neural network deep learning technology to accurately distinguish email types and identify email size, shape, material, and type information.
Product Important Indicators and Functions
Scene type: high-speed movement, irregular objects, complex packaging, uneven surface, colored objects (need to pass at a constant speed)
Single level
Identification efficiency:
Standard board:≥3600 pieces/hour;
Enhanced version:≥ 10000 pieces/hour
Transmission belt speed:
standard board< 1.6m/s,mail spacing greater than 400mm;
Enhanced version:< 2.2m/s,with email spacing greater than400mm
Mail size:
Small item:100*100*5-400*400*400mm;
Large items:150*150*20-1500*800*700
Three indicators
Identification efficiency:
≥ 3600 pieces/hour;
Mail size (small piece):
Mail size (large):
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Single level
Three indicators
Application Scenario